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We look forward to present you the following pages of our products like filing shelves, industrial shelves or also pallet shelves. Our product range takes the entire storage facility off.

Archive and office shelving
This rack is specifically designed to suit the dimensions of DIN A4 files. This makes optimal use of the racks and no costly space is lost.

Industrial shelvings
This rack is suitable for almost any use. With its boltless push-in assembly it can be assembled quickly and easily. This rack is also very flexible in its use and the shelf bottoms can be rearranged with just a little manual work. Thus, it quickly adapts to different types of stored items.

Shelving installations
It is essential for businesses to keep opening up new roads - for you as purchasers, for us as suppliers. With our shelving components you can come with us on the road up! Raise the exploitation of the space in your warehouse building with a two-storey shelving installation, and make optimum, costeffective use of your space.

Special racks
Our special racks are exactly matched to the goods in your storage. They meet your storage needs without ifs and buts. In our main catalogue you can find a large number of special racks such as tank-bottom racks, small-parts racks, bulk goods racks and much more.

We put metal to work for you.
We create from upmarket ideas the perfect product that meet your needs:
and all of this market- conform and in almost any colour.
Our galvanised rack components are coated with a premium powder-mantle. we coate profiles, shelves, side- and back boards according to your needs.

This web page is aspecial offer at industry, economics and trade. All prices understand themselves. Value added tax.

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